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If you are looking for the best Education Consultancy in the Philippines to help you reach your dream of studying abroad, you’ve come to the right place. We’d love to help you succeed!

Why Students Choose Us

Not only we want you to reach your dreams, but we also want it to make it a little less hard for you. Being the best education consultancy in the Philippines, we offer only the best services.

We provide personalized service to all prospective students dreaming to study abroad particularly in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. As the best education consultancy in the Philippines, our initial service area is Calabarzon or the Tagalog region south of Manila, which has the largest population in the country outside of the National Capital Region. Additionally, this is also a region where demand for highly specialized and world-class skills has skyrocketed pre-pandemic. 

We have access to highly regarded vocational education and training colleges, institutes and universities to ensure that students experience only the best possible training and education abroad.

Leaving your family and friends behind to study abroad or live temporarily in an unfamiliar environment in a foreign country could be exciting and daunting at the same time. What we offer you as being the best education consultancy in the Philippines is a comprehensive package of support service which begin the moment you step out of the plane in a foreign land maybe for the first time in your life. 

We have Melbourne-based volunteers who can assist you in making your student life memorable and truly rewarding. Such assistance is over and above the information and advice that schools and  governments is offering international students. 

To become one day a one-stop Education Hub for Pinoys, we have started offering additional services such as FREE tutorial and coaching  program for the licensure examination for agriculturists and soon, a virtual internships program. Both these programs are designed to professionalize Pinoy workforce and prepare them well and be job-ready.

We won’t consider ourselves as the best education agency in the Philippines for no reason. Our first-hand experience to study abroad, and eventually live and work overseas could give you compelling reasons on why studying abroad is a popular and worthwhile career option. 

Our main motivation in establishing an education consultancy or agency is to give something back to deserving students, their family and community, as our modest way of expressing our gratitude for the education we received as former scholars of the Philippine, Dutch and Australian governments. 

The scope of our expertise is broad including agriculture, economics, business management, technology management, research management, information technology, nursing, cybersecurity and many more.

What Do You Need To Consider?

Deciding wether you will study abroad is not as easy as 1-2-3. But don’t worry, the best education consultancy in the Philippines is here to help you!

Check out our introductory video (produced with & sample calculations developed based on Ms S. Pili’s spreadsheet) 

Disclaimer: The content of this video is for general information only and does not constitute as specific advice. 

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How We Can Help You

AKT Global is the best education consultancy in Philippines. We can help you choose how to best update your skills or gain new knowledge through world-class training and education in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Many of the courses being offered by our partner institutions abroad have strong emphasis on practical learning and application in actual workplace setting. This is made possible by our partners' well-established linkage with relevant industries. AKT Global Education is an educational consultant business aiming to assist Pinoys or 'kababayans' to reach their career goals through our services including support to study abroad, tutorial and coaching for licensure examination, and internships.

Best Education Consultancy in the Philippines
Why AKT Global is Education Consultancy
Why AKT Global is Education Consultancy

As an internationally accredited educational consultancy and the best Education Consultancy in the Philippines, we will guide you every step of the way in your study abroad journey through an informed choice of course, institution and study destination that fits your budget and career development plan. To improve your chances of getting a job offer, we also encourage our clients to access internship programs, as well as our FREE intensive tutorial and coaching program for licensure examination in agriculture. So why wait, enquire now!

Visa Application Assistance

As the best educational consultancy in the Philippines, our accredited migration agent can help you on how to prepare a strong visa application and increase your chances of a successful student visa grant.

English Language Proficiency

We can provide you with information and advice to assist you in your preparation for the required English proficiency test to study abroad. For example, as your educational agency, we can provide with review materials and access to sample tests for free. Our overseas partner colleges, institutes and universities can also help you meet the English requirements of courses offered abroad.

Pre-departure Orientation

We will assist you to ensure that you are well prepared for your study abroad journey ahead and give you tips on how to settle early in your new host country as an international student via our pre-departure orientation. Being the best educational consultancy in the Philippines, we hope to not only establish lifelong professional relationship with you but also to help you become productive global citizens.

Health Insurance Facilitation

As a reputable educational consultancy, we can also provide you with information on how to choose your health insurance provider. This will be in coordination with our valued partner service providers or your host college, institute or university.

Student Accommodation

In coordination with our partner schools, colleges and universities and local Pinoy communities, we can provide you with information on student rental accommodation, or where to get assistance in finding one particularly in Australia and Canada as your educational consultant. Yes, you have found the best education consultancy in the Philippines!

Why Study Abroad?

Best Education Consultancy in the Philippines

Considering to study abroad can give you the chance to

  • see the world

  • experience a new culture 

  • enhance your future career

  • develop as a person

  • form global friendships

  • improve your foreign language skills

  • gain life-changing and career-enhancing skills

Being the best education agency in the Philippines, AKT Global Education has partnered with highly regarded education services providers. What this means is that you could expect to experience most, if not all benefits cited above. 

During the  COVID-19 pandemic, we also offered our clients wanting to obtain their professional license as agriculturists a FREE, unique tutorial & coaching program, making the whole test preparation journey productive and enjoyable.

After Graduation, What's Next?

After you complete your study abroad program, you may be allowed to undertake post-study work to put your newly gained knowledge to use and in the process, gain valuable work experience overseas. 

As the best education consultancy in the Philippines, it is important that we provide prospective students with comprehensive information not only about studying abroad, but also about putting their newly gained knowledge & skills into practice in the workplace.

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